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How a Drug Test is Conducted

The use and abuse of drug is common in all age groups and genders. Instead of the abuse of drugs among people decreasing it is increasing on a daily basis.This numbers have brought together different institutions to help in its eradication. Police, schools and event other organizations are teaming up together to help in its reduction. Drug testing has become a must in many institutions.There are different methods used to test for presence of drug in a human’s body.First samples are collected then analyzed using the right procedures. Once the results are out the feedback with evidence is given to the relevant persons.

Hair samples ,breath ,urine, blood or even saliva are collected for these tests.

Urine sample
One is asked to pee on a sample collecting container which is then taken for testing. This method is used by many people to test for drugs traces in a human body.It is a method preferred by many for it is inexpensive. One can get a urine testing kit easily from your chemist. These kits are easy to use since they have directions on them.

Saliva test
This method is not only easy but the collection of the sample is fast and comfortable. it is said to be more comfortable than collection of a urine sample.This method gives instant results.These two advantages make it the commonly used method especially with employees.

Blood test
Testing by use of blood is known and proven by scientists to give results with a high degree of accuracy. It can show the percentage of drugs that were taken by a particular person.It can also detect or how long that drug has been used by a person. However it is a costly method that can only be performed b a qualified person. The sample collection and procedure are delicate and require them to be conducted in a professional manner.

Hair sample testing
hair is collected for testing. An average of 100 hair strand s are collected for testing. This method is known to give accuracy in cases where drugs usage is minute. It can detect drug use up to 90 days prior. This method is known to be very expensive when you judge it with the other methods.Samples can be collected from any part of the body apart from the scalp.

Testing ones breath
This method is common when testing of alcohol.It is used to check motorists who are driving having passed the allowed limit for alcohol intake. The equipment used is known as a breathalyzer. When doing a drug test precaution has to be taken since any contamination of the sample may alter the results.

Conducting frequent tests will help in the fight against drug abuse.

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