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US Attorneys: How to Handle Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

When you are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, you have to take it very seriously, even if you’re touched over your clothing because this is also a form of sexual assault. Always remember that if you feel something uncomfortable, you need to stop it rights then and there before it escalates. Confrontation is the key to stop the person from harassing you. Look at the person’s eyes and tell him what he did was inappropriate.

The first time does make you feel sexually offended or you feel malicious intent with the act, don’t hesitate to shout “Stop!” to make sure others can hear it for extra emphasis, and never dare to apologize or make excuses for the actions of the offender because you are a victim of sexual harassment and sexual assault. It is important to take immediate action is you experience sexual harassment because it is wrong and illegal. When it comes with documentation and reporting, you have to be specific, taking down all the details such as the location, date and time, what happened, your immediate action, and the response of the harasser. Doing so will be considered a reference, and if it ever happens to you again or to someone else at work, you’ll have a history to refer to. It is important to report any form of touching right away. Never let sexual demands and touches go unreported. You can already file a legal case for sexual assault if the harasser touched you sexually. Be sure to document the incident in a detailed manner and report immediately to the management. Even with just mere touching over your clothing, you can file a sexual harassment and sexual assault against your harasser because you were touched without your consent.

It is the right of the victim to call the police and report the incident as a crime if sexual harassment or sexual assault has been done. You should never allow desire or guilt to protect the attacker to keep you from asserting your rights. Never hesitate to file legal charged because you are the victim, and letting it pass the first time may escalate to worse case like rape, or it can also be done to other people in the workplace or even outside the office. Hire a sexual harassment attorney to help you most especially if reporting the sexual harassment caused being fired or terminated from your job. It is considered illegal termination, and the company should be able to compensate you because federal laws exist to protect employees from sexual harassment in the workplace.

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