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All The Things You Have To Know When It Comes To FPV Racing

Drones are the newest craze in the technological world. They opened up a whole new world when it comes to video capture or surveillance. One of the things that increased the demand for drones is FPV racing. Western cultures–especially in North America–FPV racing has transformed from merely being a game to a full blown sport. FPV racing is the type of sport wherein both racing and droning are combined. FPV racing is more thrilling to watch when viewed in specialized locales that are specifically designed for racing drones.

To Start

Beginners are recommended to try out the quadcopters first before moving on to the more advanced drones so that they can hone their piloting skills first. Bottomline is, start with a drone–a quadcopter–that is much easier to pilot, hone your piloting skills first, then move to the more advance drones.

Learn The Lessons

There are classes offered for beginners who want to improve their drone piloting skills. In addition, there are open classes for beginners that allows them to use the level-entry quadcopters in an open competition.

Create A Group

FPV races also have teams from around the globe that participates in races. FPV racing equipments are usually handled the team. For instance, Team Blackout is the team responsible for handling every drone the Blackout pilot uses for racing.

Ensure Safety

There are incidences where pilots and staff are hurt during an FPV race. With that in mind, precautions are certainly in order. If you are just starting to learn about racing drones, it is recommended that you get a micro quad instead of the more advance mega machine racer drones. Before you race with your drone, make sure that the video channel is free to broadcast. Plus, make sure that you are not drunk when piloting a drone.

Different Kinds of Races

During rotor-cross races, pilots make use of multi-copters to fly through a designated course and the one who whizz past the finish line first gets to be declared the winner.

Drone drag races, just like their automobile counterparts, makes use of a 100 meter stretch track to see which one accelerates much faster and reach the finish line first.

In Time Trials, the time it takes for a drone to complete a lap or a number of laps is measured–whoever completes a lap in the shortest amount of time wins.

Basically, it is somewhat similar to rotor-cross racing.

In order to ensure the viability and maintain the fun factor of FPV racing, safety must always be a priority.

Seeing the world from a pilot’s view have been made possible by drones.

Advancements in FPV systems in recent years allows people who little to no experience at all to fly drones.
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