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Five Advantages of Selling Your Home to a Cash Investor

Homeowners usually have two choices when selling their house – listing the property with a real estate agent on the MLS or selling to an investor. Both have their own benefits, but for those who are looking for a quick and simple process, the investor route is surely better.

Below are the particular advantages of selling a house to an investor:

Fast Cash

One of the most appreciated benefits of selling to an investor is the cash payment. If you’re in need of money for any kind of financial emergency, a cash sale is the fastest answer to your problem. Investors can even make a cash offer within a day of inspecting a property.

As-Is Sale

Many homeowners are frustrated by the lack of buyer interest on their homes due to long-overdue repairs and property damage. Fixing up a home takes time. In the process, inexperienced homeowners will even lose a lot of money. In simple terms, home renovations are expensive. Worse, unsuspecting homeowners may even end up scammed. If a property is sold to an investor, the above possibilities cease to exist. Investors buy houses, regardless of their current condition, and restore them to their former glory.

Quick Closing

Selling a house through the MLS means it could take months to close a deal, whether or not you’ve already found a buyer and agreed on a price. You have to wait for the results of appraisals, inspections and financing approval on the other side. Selling to a real estate investor eliminates all of these procedural troubles. In fact, once they have inspected your home, you can get your cash in as short as 7 days!

Zero Agent Commissions

To sell a house, realtors will often charge about 6% in commission and fees. On the other hand, when you sell to an investor, you pay the zero.

No Mortgage Financing

Using the MLS, you may have to wait months or even years, or worse, the sale may not even push through at all. When people back out from buying a house, it’s usually because their mortgage application was disapproved. With more and more people getting bad credit and low income, banks and other lending institutions have also been implementing much stricter rules in the approval of mortgage applications. If you sell directly to an investor, you don’t need anyone’s mortgage because you will receiving the payment in the form of cash.

Homeowners will have different reasons for deciding to sell their properties, and their expections may be unique as well. Again, if you’re looking for a quick and easy process, then your best option is selling to a cash investor.

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