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The Best Cocktail Bars in Your Area

In Birmingham, you cannot go far without your hand bring crafted with a cocktail that is carefully crafted. The cocktail bars, pubs and restaurants in Birmingham have the knowledge about muddling, mixing, shaking and showcasing an art that keeps cocktail better and better. The list below contains the best cocktails bars in Birmingham.

Bar Opus is one of the best cocktail bars in Birmingham. This is a cocktail bar that is best known for its quality and established location. It is located at the foot of the prestigious high rise one snow hill. It is found at a blue chip prime territory a place that is favored by many and can be visited after work. Optus cocktail bar makes cocktails with a modern twist and they are blended with a class. Another best cocktail bar in Birmingham is the gas street social cocktail bar. The cocktail bar is located at the Upmarket Mailbox complex And its vibe is approachable and friendly. The cocktail bar has trendy and costly interior designs and they have combined the industrial chic with farmhouse rustic. It has long benches and communal seating arrangements that underline the social ethos of the cocktail bar. Another best cocktail bar found in Birmingham is the Cuban embassy. It is found in a heritage building at the heart of the vibrant Moseley and this is the Birmingham’s premier rum destination. The cocktail bar have Latin musicians that provide a live sound band as people enjoy the cocktails.

Another best cocktail bar found in Birmingham is the Alchemist. For those who are serious about cocktail this is the best place to visit. In this cocktail bar the drinks are all about alchemy and mixology and this is the pure theater of cocktail making. Alchemist cocktail bar makes cocktails to impress for you will find drinks with bubbles, those that change color and the ones with steam. Ginger cocktail bar is another cocktail bar that is good and found in Birmingham. Ginger cocktail bar has cocktails that are acknowledged because they make their drinks with the inspiration of the first edition of cocktails books from 1923. If you are looking for original cocktails this is the place to go. The Edgbaston is another best cocktail bar in Birmingham.The other best cocktail bar found in Birmingham is the Edgbaston. Last year this cocktail bar won the best cocktail bar and restaurant award. In this cocktail bar the staffs handcraft their own syrup sherbets and cordials make their own edible garnishes as well as carving their own ice blocks into rocks and balls. Their cocktail menu is extensive. Also you can enjoy your cocktail at being at one cocktail bar in Birmingham. It is a late night cocktail bar and it offers more than 150 types cocktail. If you visit either of the cocktail bars you will get the best cocktail drink.Lessons Learned About Services

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