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Top Considerations When Buying a Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight is a useful self-defense tool to have. If you work in the security industry on consistently have to be in dark places, a tactical flashlight can prove to be of great value when you’re under attack. Tactical flashlights, in comparison to ordinary flashlights, shine much brighter and are easy to carry around because of their smaller size. With so many models to choose from, how do you decide which flashlight will best suit your needs? The following tips should be of help:

Small size

A tactical flashlight should be small in size. You want one that fits well in the pocket and isn’t cumbersome to carry around. The ideal flashlight be not be bigger than your palm.
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Choose a simple model
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You may find some flashlights that come with strobe or SOS functionality. Some models have a provision for adjusting the lighting, depending on how you’re using the device. While such features may be useful to some people, it’s best that things stay simple. If a flashlight is so complicated that using the main feature (lighting) when you need to is difficult, then it may not be what you need. Besides, you will only need to use the on and off switch in most instances.


A flashlight needs to shine so bright that it disorients the attacker, if it’s to be useful in self-defense situations. The light output should therefore be at least 120 lumens. Since shining a bright light is one of the top ways to disorient the attacker, anything less that 120 lumens won’t do. Luckily, most f the tactical flashlights available on the market have at least 500 lumens of light output.


Obviously, you’d want something that works in all kinds of situations. Imagine it’s raining hard, and you’re in a dark place but you are unable to use the flashlight. So get a flashlight that’s waterproof, so you can always use it even in wet consitions.

Rugged surface

You want a flashlight that can withstand some rough handling. You would not want the flashlight to slip out of your hands when you’re caught up in a self-defense situation.

LED or Incandescent

A flashlight could be either LED or incandescent. LEDs are the better option as they’re able to withstand a beating. Incandescent bulbs usually break so easily when not handled carefully.

Pricing considerations

Considering how important a tactical flashlight can be when walking in dark places, you should be prepared to pay for quality. While an inexpensive model is fine in non-threatening situations, if you frequently go through dangerous path, a quality model is what you need. Quality models are crafted from high quality materials and therefore able to withstand rough handling, and they often shine brighter .